Costing Solutions


UserCost is a comprehensive clinical costing system that provides hospitals with the ability to track resource utilisation and undertake cost/revenue analysis at the patient episode level and below. This can include, for example, inpatient and outpatient episodes.

UserCost provides hospitals around the world with a powerful management tool they can use to measure and improve efficiency. With UserCost, our aim is to automate your costing process so you can focus on the outputs.

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Our AR-DRG Grouper software ‘DrGroup’, enables the information manager within the hospital to group ICD9 and ICD10 patient morbidity data in accordance with the specified versions of the AR-DRG classification.

Our groupers are by far the most efficient AR-DRG grouper systems available and they runs on more platforms (including PC and Unix) than any competitive product.

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Iqvia consultants have many years of experience in providing consulting services to Governments, health insurers and hospitals around the world.

We have an established track record of helping Governments to implement and run national hospital cost data collections and AR-DRG grouping solutions. We have helped health insurers understand cost relativities and assisted hospitals with one-off projects.

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