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Since its incorporation in 1984, Iqvia has grown to become a global provider of high quality health service management software and consulting solutions. We provide health services with cost/revenue analysis tools that can be implemented quickly. We employ sound costing methodologies that are clinically acceptable and provide excellent results with flexible reporting. Our systems are designed to process large volumes of patient data and are installed in some of the largest hospitals in Europe and Australia.


We also provide patient classification systems including an AR-DRG (Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Group) grouper for those countries that use the AR-DRG classification. With public and private hospital clients located in number of countries world wide (Australia, Germany, Great Britain, The Republic of Ireland, Slovenia et al.), our success is a testament to the integrity of the products and services we provide. Significantly, we have been the Australian Government’s costing system vendor of choice for the past twenty years for the annual production of national hospital cost weights.


We are very proud of our team of international consultants, who between them have extensive experience in providing services to hospitals, governments and health fund providers around the world.

If you require more information or would like us to talk to you about how we can help your health service, please contact us...

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Healthcost was formed in 2005 and provides worldwide consultancy in healthcare costing. We utilise an agile SQL based costing engine called UserCost, which is owned by our business partners Visasys Pty. Healthcost holds the franchise for UserCost distribution and implementation in Europe and the Middle East.

We are a recognised Qlik partner and experts in licensing and the deployment of QlikView. Healthcost are a strategic partner of Draper & Dash who are the leaders in information reporting in QlikView.

We are also partners with the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and work closely with Monitor and the Department of Health.

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Die Softwareprodukte von Visasys sowie das umfangreiche und langjährig erworbene Wissen in der Fallkosten- bzw. DRG- Kalkulation bieten die Möglichkeit, bei der Steuerung einer modernen Gesundheitseinrichtung durch die Aufbereitung und Zusammenführung ökonomischer und klinischer Informationen zu unterstützen und so die Einrichtungen auf die sich verändernden Wettbewerbssituationen einzustellen.

Seit Jahren ist die Zahl derjenigen Gesundheitseinrichtungen kontinuierlich gestiegen, welche die Kostenträgerrechnung und Prozesskostenrechnung mit den Softwareprodukten von Visasys umsetzen. Zahlreiche Krankenhäuser mit dem Ziel, an der jährlichen InEK-Kalkulation teilzunehmen. Hierbei werden dem Patienten die Kosten und Leistungen gemäß den Vorgaben des bundeseinheitlichen Kalkulationshandbuchs der entsprechenden Behandlungsperiode zugeordnet.

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